More Cosmetics is a Swedish beauty brand, started in 2016 with the idea of making life easier for makeup users around the world.

About me

I'm Nina Lundin, the CEO and founder of More Cosmetics. With over 10 years of experience in the makeup industry, I felt that something was missing. I believe that makeup is a great way to express yourself and to help your unique look. I wanted to encourage that. A lot of time, thinking and trying led to the creation of More Palette. ​

Our mission

With an environmental focus and a belief that plastic has to be minimized in the make up industry, we came up with the idea of a customizable and reusable makeup palette. We wanted to make life easier for makeup users on the go. This led to the creation of More Palette.

More Palette

More Palette is designed to fit all makeup refills. By using makeup refills, you reduce excessive packaging and unused makeup. Better for you, the environment and your purse. More Palette is a customizable makeup palette designed to make your life easier. We allow you to combine different types and brands of makeup in the same smart palette.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, with the best material. More Palette gives you the freedom of makeup. More Palette's design lets you choose if you want one or several palette layers by easily clicking additional layers together.

More Palette is a high quality product created to last. More Palette lets you create your own makeup solution and take control of the makeup you use. Making your life easier, smarter and a little more fun. It should be easy to look gorgeous.