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Swedish magazine - Aftonbladet Klick 2019

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Swedish magazine - Sagolik Vasastan 2019



Now we have finally received new spring news from Coastal Scents!

They are perfect light shades and can be combined with any brown tones. Be ready to meet the spring and update your More Palette now!

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More Cosmetics represented Sweden in Creative Business Cup

More Palette was the most creative product in Sweden in 2018, according to the Swedish jury in the CBC. More Cosmetics founder Nina Westlund proudly represented Sweden for three days in Copenhagen. Great ideas from 60 other countries pitched their idea in front of the jury and investors.

“ Great opportunity, to meet entrepreneurs and business people and exchange experiences and make new collaborations”

Nina Westlund, Founder & CEO


New partner in crime - Investor I Love Lund AB

We can finally introduce More Cosmetics new partner in crime. I Love Lund AB.

After many years of hard work, we can finally accomplish our absolute greatest dream, through our new investing angel I Love Lund.

More Palette will be on the market during the winter 2018 ❤ 

Here's a big warm hug to wish you a (2).png


“Easier to convey their idea over coffee and cake" - the innovation tournament is in town

Over a cup of coffee and a cake, start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies can present their ideas for both international and local investors. Nina Westlund presents her idea for Lars Mattsson, Sven Johansson, Björn Englund and Niccoló Sanarico.
In six days, 49 ideas are presented to both local and international investors. There is no requirement to participate, more than having an idea. But Nina Westlund, founder of More Cosmetics, brought a prototype of a makeup box that allows you to build your own makeup palette, based on the colors and brands you prefer.
"We would like to see international investors, and the makeup has a very international potential," says Lars Mattiasson after the pitch meeting.













The Kickstarter campaign is over

Today, we finished our 30 day Kickstart campaign, We are so grateful for all your orders and your support :) Extra thanks to our influencers who helped us to spread the campaign <3

The campaign ended at 80.650 kr and our goal was 300.000 kr. The Kickstarter campaign rule are all or nothing. So when we did not reach our goal, we will neither receive any capital. That means we will unfortunately not send you your More Palette pre- order. This also means that we will not charge you for your pre-order. More Palette and Makeup refills

But no worry :) We will find another solution to obtaining capital for production of the first More Palette. 

To you who ordered More Palette through the Kickstarter campaign, we will put you in an special list. As soon as we start the production, we will contact you. Best of all you will get the same great Kickstarter price. 


We are now live on Kickstarter!

We are finally live on For those who don’t know what crowdfunding means, here’s a mini explanation. 

Kickstarter is a way for new businesses to make reality of an idea. The financial support comes directly from the customers (“backers”) to make it possible for the company to produce their first product. The customers (“backers”) pre-order the product through the crowdfunding project. The payment is only actually made if the project reaches the minimum investment sum set out by the company. In other words, all backers will be an important part of the very first production of More Cosmetics. 

Cool, huh? :)

You as a private individual can make a massive difference simply by ordering a product that you already want. All backers of our campaign will be the first to own More Palette, and that’s something special. Imagine being the very first with a whole new makeup product!

28 mars. We love the invierment, thats why we also love makeup refills.jpg

MORE Palette is design to fit all makeup refill brands

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makeup girl

Which More Girl are you?

 90% of today’s women do not leave the house before they’ve put on makeup. Some more than others. Makeup and our looks is certainly important to us.  How important is makeup for you? Are you a sport girl, party girl, makeup girl or a travel girl?

Training girl.jpg

Sport girl

You packing the gym bag and prioritize which makeup fits in it. You can’t bring the entire makeup table with you – what would that look like? Ideally, you’ll fit mascara, a foundation and compact powder. So when you leave the gym you will look like a person from the 90's. Oh no! You're thinking about it and maybe you don´t goes to the gym after all.

Party girl.jpg

Party girl

You’re going to the party of the year and want to bring a small, stylish party bag. Who’s dancing with a large hand bag? You’re choosing between being able to bring compact powder or eyeshadow. You try to fit the compact powder in the party bag, only to realize later in the evening that there’s powder dust all over the insides of the bag! Grrr..

Makeup girl.jpg

Makeup girl

You are the girl whose Sunday activity is to clean up and organize among all their makeup. It always gets so messy on the makeup table during weekdays, since everything happens in a rush in the mornings. You have five different stands for powders, eyeshadows, rouge and highlighters. All packages are of different sizes and you have a hard time managing them. You’d prefer a walk-in closet for all your makeup! OMG, makeup goals..

Travel girl.jpg

Travel girl

You’re packing for a weekend trip. You wish to bring at least three different shoes and outfits. After all, you choose outfit based on your mood rather than weather. You wish to bring loads of makeup to match your different outfits, but are forced to pick and choose, prioritizing between colors and finding those that go with most outfits. You can hardly close the bag and of course the makeup bag is to blame, since it was added last. You choose to get rid of a pair of shoes to make space. Bringing the makeup bag as hand luggage is not an option since they’ll confiscate all liquids at security. Phu, there is not much to do.


More cosmetics commercial for more palette

In the summer of 2017, we filmed the commercials for More Palette. The purpose of the commercial was to show how easy it´s to use More Palette. The More Girls in the commercials shows the everyday situations in life and how easy it is to bring More Palette wherever you go.

Whether you're leaving the gym or on your way to a business trip, More Palette assumes all your challenges! We were filming a full day at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, which gave us the luxury feeling in the commercials. 

Together with the NeverDay filmteam, we filmed a great commercials <3 

David.B blogg.2.jpg

More Palette have a Swedish design

David Bursell is a product designer in Sweden. Here is his story about how to make More Palette, the best palette ever.  

Nina contacted me with a request, if I could help in developing her product. She wanted to keep the design intuitive and simplistic so that the user should have an easy time understanding the function and purpose of the product. The product should not be unnecessarily complicated and with a minimum number of parts to keep the price down and to make the product easier to recycle at the end of its lifecycle. My goal was to keep the whole product in a single material, which does not usually present problems. In this case, however, it was a bit more difficult as there would be two functions. The first function that it could be opened and closed, and the second, that it could be stacked and even disconnected to be customized by the user. 

The result is a product with a built-in hinge solution in a flexible material that allows you to unlock or connect together as you wish, to suit your needs. 

David Bursell @dbursell


Why is More Palette, the best palette ever?

More Palette is the high quality makeup palette you wished for!

More Palette is designed to fit all makeup refills in the same smart palette. By using makeup refills, you reduce excessive packaging and unused makeup. Better for you, the environment and your purse. You can easily snap your favorite makeup refills into the magnetic bottom of the makeup palette. More Palette is a customizable makeup palette designed to make your life easier.

More Palette gives you the freedom of makeup. The design lets you choose if you want one or several palette layers, by easily clicking additional layers together. And the best thing of all, More Palette is reusable. You don't need to buy a makeup palette anymore and feel guilty to throw it away when your makeup is finish. More Palette is a high quality product created to last. More palette will be manufactured to minimize plastic in the makeup industry. The manufacture has the location in the deepest woods in Gnosjö, Sweden. Here they have the best materials, so More Palette can have a high quality finish. 

The way to the perfect makeup palette have not been easy. The Swedish product designer David Bursell has created a design that have the focus, fashionable and long lasting. After careful checks, we created the first prototypes of More Palette. It is the one featured on all pictures at the website. The ending product will have more black finish, be more fashionable and of course have More Cosmetics logo.

More Palette lets you create your own makeup solution and take control of the makeup you use. Making your life easier, smarter and a little more fun. It should be easy to look gorgeous.


Where it all started…

My name is Nina Westlund and I am the founder and CEO of More Cosmetics. I have over ten years of experience in the makeup industry. I started only fifteen years old in a small beauty shop in Ljungby, Sweden. It was here my interest for makeup started, so I also decided to educate myself to become a diploma makeupartist. I have always loved to play with colours and have a good eye for business and consumer relations. These skills took me to be a store manager in the beauty industry for eight years with success. But still I felt, something was missing. During my daily contact with customers I could find out that the two most common reasons to not buy makeup palettes was, that consumers did not have a need for all the colours in the palette and they also felt that it was unnecessary to buy a new palette case every time.This is the background to More Palette.

More Palette is a customized makeup palette designed to make your life easier. By combining different types, colours and brands in the same smart palette you get a complete personal makeup palett and it is amazing. I am actually the first to use the prototype version and I absolutely love it. Can´t wait for all of you to get one!

Nina Westlund @ninaemeliewestlund