More Palette have a Swedish design

David Bursell is a product designer in Sweden. Here is his story about how to make More Palette, the best palette ever.  

Nina contacted me with a request, if I could help in developing her product. She wanted to keep the design intuitive and simplistic so that the user should have an easy time understanding the function and purpose of the product. The product should not be unnecessarily complicated and with a minimum number of parts to keep the price down and to make the product easier to recycle at the end of its lifecycle. My goal was to keep the whole product in a single material, which does not usually present problems. In this case, however, it was a bit more difficult as there would be two functions. The first function that it could be opened and closed, and the second, that it could be stacked and even disconnected to be customized by the user. 

The result is a product with a built-in hinge solution in a flexible material that allows you to unlock or connect together as you wish, to suit your needs. 

// Design Love

David Bursell @dbursell

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