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Thank you to all the wonderful followers

A massive thank you to all the wonderful followers, for your fantastic commitment and support! There are now only 30 days remaining until we launch the crowdfunding campaign.

For those who don’t know what crowdfunding means, here’s a mini explanation. Crowdfunding is a way for new businesses to make reality of an idea. The financial support comes directly from the customers (“backers”) to make it possible for the company to produce their first product. The customers (“backers”) pre-order the product through the crowdfunding project. The payment is only actually made if the project reaches the minimum investment sum set out by the company. In other words, all backers will be an important part of the very first production of More Cosmetics. 

Cool, huh? :)

You as a private individual can make a massive difference simply by ordering a product that you already want. All backers of our campaign will be the first to own More Palette, and that’s something special. Imagine being the very first with a whole new makeup product!

There will be a limited number of More Palettes, so keep updated on morecosmeticssweden

And look out for this symbol

More Cosmetics already have more than 30 strong influencers. WOW, is what we say to that! What wonderful collaborations we’ll have. We don’t want to make it public just yet who we’ve chosen to be our More Girls, but soon Instagram will be bombarded :)

Regardless if you’re an influencer or a follower of More Cosmetics, we want to show our love and support. You’re wonderful with your lovely comments and letters about the interest to order More Palette. We are so grateful for that!

We are as excited as you to release the unique More Palette on the market. Together we can revolutionize the makeup world! Together we can minimize the use of plastic! Together we can make makeup easy and adaptable to all everyday challenges! 

Together we are More Cosmetics <3

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