More Palette and More Cosmetics

The Kickstarter campaign is over

Today, we finished our 30 day Kickstart campaign

We are so grateful for all your orders and your support :) 

Extra thanks to our influencers who helped us to spread the campaign <3

More Cosmetics on Kickstarter

The campaign ended at 80.650 kr and our goal was 300.000 kr. The Kickstarter campaign rule are all or nothing. So when we did not reach our goal, we will neither receive any capital. That means we will unfortunately not send you your More Palette pre- order. This also means that we will not charge you for your pre-order.

More Palette and Makeup refills
But no worry :)

We will find another solution to obtaining capital for production of the first More Palette. 

To you who ordered More Palette through the Kickstarter campaign, we will put you in an special list. As soon as we start the production, we will contact you. Best of all you will get the same great Kickstarter price. 

For those of you who also want to be the first to know when you can buy More Palette.

Sign up for the list here ->

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//Founder and CEO Nina Westlund

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