Where it all started…

My name is Nina Lundin and I am the founder and CEO of More Cosmetics. I have over ten years of experience in the makeup industry. I started only fifteen years old in a small beauty shop in Ljungby, Sweden. It was here my interest for makeup started, so I also decided to educate myself to become a diploma makeupartist. I have always loved to play with colours and have a good eye for business and consumer relations. These skills took me to be a store manager in the beauty industry for eight years with success. But still I felt, something was missing. During my daily contact with customers I could find out that the two most common reasons to not buy makeup palettes was, that consumers did not have a need for all the colours in the palette and they also felt that it was unnecessary to buy a new palette case every time.This is the background to More Palette.

More Palette is a customized makeup palette designed to make your life easier. By combining different types, colours and brands in the same smart palette you get a complete personal makeup palett and it is amazing. I am actually the first to use the prototype version and I absolutely love it. Can´t wait for all of you to get one!

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Nina Lundin @ninaemelielundin

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