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Which More Girl are you?

 90% of today’s women do not leave the house before they’ve put on makeup. 

Some more than others. Makeup and our looks is certainly important to us. 

How important is makeup for you? Read which beauty lifestyle you are?

Sport girl?

You packing the gym bag and prioritize which makeup fits in it. You can’t bring the entire makeup table with you – what would that look like? Ideally, you’ll fit mascara, a foundation and compact powder. So when you leave the gym you will look like a person from the 90's. Oh no! You're thinking about it and maybe you don´t goes to the gym after all.

Party girl?

You’re going to the party of the year and want to bring a small, stylish party bag. Who’s dancing with a large hand bag? You’re choosing between being able to bring compact powder or eyeshadow. You try to fit the compact powder in the party bag, only to realize later in the evening that there’s powder dust all over the insides of the bag! Grrr..

Travel girl?

You’re packing for a weekend trip. You wish to bring at least three different shoes and outfits. After all, you choose outfit based on your mood rather than weather. You wish to bring loads of makeup to match your different outfits, but are forced to pick and choose, prioritizing between colors and finding those that go with most outfits. You can hardly close the bag and of course the makeup bag is to blame, since it was added last. You choose to get rid of a pair of shoes to make space. Bringing the makeup bag as hand luggage is not an option since they’ll confiscate all liquids at security. Phu, there is not much to do.

Makeup girl?

You are the girl whose Sunday activity is to clean up and organize among all their makeup. It always gets so messy on the makeup table during weekdays, since everything happens in a rush in the mornings. You have five different stands for powders, eyeshadows, rouge and highlighters. All packages are of different sizes and you have a hard time managing them. You’d prefer a walk-in closet for all your makeup! OMG, makeup goals..

If you belong to one of these lifestyles, you are a More Girl. A girl who wants to continue living your lifestyle, but do not need to prioritize your makeup.

Hello, More Palette solves all your daily lifestyle makeup challenges! You can redesign your More Palette for each situation, not to mention the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. Through makeup refills and reusable palettes we take a leap towards greener beauty. 

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